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Wie man sich selbst ans Bein pinkelt

Self Esteem: How to have really low self confidence [14:39]

Veröffentlicht am 18.12.2013
Self Esteem is something that many people struggle with. In this video, instead of offering advice to boost your self esteem, you can learn what to do if you want to lower it and lose confidence in yourself. For anyone who doesn't have a slightly strange sense of humour... just do the opposite of what I say. http://blog.owenfitzpatrick.com 
For a refreshing take on life change, public speaking, charisma, nlp, psychology, personal and professional development check out Owen Fitzpatrick's blog. http://blog.owenfitzpatrick.com
About Owen Fitzpatrick
Owen Fitzpatrick is a Psychologist and author / co-author of a number of bestselling books such as The Charismatic Edge, Not Enough Hours, Conversations with Richard Bandler, The Ultimate Introduction to NLP and How to Take Charge of your Life. He has spoken on stage with Sir Richard Branson and has coached Billionaires and Olympic Athletes. He has taught people in more than 23 countries around the world and is regarded as being an expert on Leadership, Influence and NLP. Owen's videos range from the quirky to the intense and he brings to his channel a sense of fun and dedication toward presenting messages that make a real impact. If you don't find him enjoyable to watch, you might have something wrong with you. Just saying.
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